It's become a running gag that every time I go to a McDonald's, if I ask for a milkshake or anything similar to it, I'm told that the machine is broken. While granted, it isn't literally every single time, it's at a frequency where it's almost a surefire bet. The chances of this happening are increased to almost 100% accuracy if you go late at night.

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Why is that? It can't be that the world's largest fast food chain invests in such shitty equipment that it legitimately does break down all the time. If that's so, then Ronald needs to stop clowning around, get up off his ass and go fix it.

Why doesn't McDonald's serve breakfast 24/7 all day long?

I have no direct experience working at a McDonald's, so I can't say for sure, but my theory is that it's just laziness. It probably takes a long time to clean the machine and the employees would rather just lie to the customers, say it's broken, disappoint them, instead of having to go through the effort of cleaning it after making one for them.

That's ridiculous if it's true, but that's just my theory.

Does anyone have any insight into this or any funny stories about your experience with this? Have YOU been able to get a milkshake at night?

Fill us in on your thoughts by commenting below!

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They call it a Shamrock Shake cause you're lucky if you get one



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