Let me get this first idea out of the way immediately and just flat out state something: smoking is stupid and yes, I think that you're stupid if you smoke. There is absolutely no reason to do it, it's harmful to your body, it's addictive, it costs money, and I've yet to hear a single good reason for why anyone should ever do it, since peer pressure doesn't qualify.

Okay, let's move on to secondhand smoke.

Most places have the sense nowadays to ban smoking, which is making this less and less of a problem for people..thankfully. However, there are still places that have not implemented this rule for one reason or another. Some of those reasons are perfectly valid, such as not being able to enforce rules over property that you have no control over. IE, I as a nonsmoker should not be able to tell you that you cannot smoke in your own home just because I don't want to be around it. Go ahead. I can leave your home—you shouldn't have to leave yours. Before anyone complains, saying that this post infringes on the rights of Americans, remember that I've just made that point.

That being said, my mindset is that the rights of nonsmokers absolutely 100% trump smokers in almost every single situation out there. Smoking in any kind of public place should be regulated with that mentality, and it is annoying when people don't take that into account.

Case in point, I was at a drive-in movie the other day, trying to enjoy myself, when the car next to me housed at least one if not more smokers that were puffing away. That smoke naturally drifted into my car, making me smell it the entire time wherein it became quite bothersome. While it did not directly affect my asthma, it very well could have, and there's absolutely no reason why I—or anyone else—should have to ingest smoke when we've not chosen to do so.

But they were in their car, and that's their right to smoke in it! Yes. But I shouldn't be subject to something harmful to my health just because someone else wants to hurt themselves. In that scenario, they can smoke all they want in their car, provided they shut their windows and keep the smoke from going elsewhere. Then, it's a non-issue.

For people that are smokers and don't quite understand this point, I'd like to present to you an analogy. If you are trying to sleep in your bedroom and the person in the bedroom next to you is making a lot of noise, do you not get upset? You're entitled to have silence in a room that you're attempting to make silent, the other person is entitled to make noise in their room, but there becomes a versus factor that in your mind would equate to "be quiet". The person can be as loud as they want, provided they don't disturb you, correct?

There you have it.

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