Why can only choosy Moms choose Jif?

Thankfully, Jif has had some advertisements that say "choosy Moms and Dads choose Jif", but if you look, their slogan is still dedicated purely to women.

One of the objectives of Out on Limbs is equality and being fair, whether it's the positives or the negatives. For all the people in the world that want to complain that both genders aren't represented equally, here's a situation where men are being shortchanged.

This is peanut butter, not bras. There's no gender-specific target. Many men are the ones taking care of the children in families nowadays.

If we as a culture want to bitch and complain about every little thing and say that server is a better term to use than waiter/waitress (which I agree with) and that a job title like 'secretary' is offensive (which I disagree with), then we should make sure that in this effort for men and women to have equal ground, we don't focus our efforts purely on one side in anything.

Myself? I'm a very picky eater, and I tend to prefer Skippy...but maybe that's because I'm not a father yet.

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Don't even ask what happens with jelly



This site is dead and has been for a long while, for multiple reasons—not the least of which is that it's of a different era (roughly 2007). You can no longer safely play around with discussing gray areas with a humorous twist. People don't read between the lines. If they want to be offended, they'll twist what you said to mean whatever they want, and you're guilty no matter what. Or, on the flip-side, instead of being too sensitive, they'll think you're somehow defending their awfully bigoted or shameful viewpoints, even if you aren't. Both extreme sides of everything are so black/white dumb that it's an impossible minefield to navigate. If anything on here doesn't age well, sorry; times have changed, and so do people, for better or worse. Get over it. (It being "everything") There is always more important shit out there going on. Out on limbs.



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