What Will Happen on December 21, 2012?

Monday, December 3, 2012

It's now December and you know what that means, it's the most wonderful time of the year - apocalypse time!

Will December 21 2012 Mayan world end prediction come true
Definitely looks like an Oreo. I can't unsee that.
There's always been this looming doomsday associated with the date 12-21-2012 primarily due to interpretations of the Mayan calendar amongst other things. Many people think that the end of this cyclical calendar which supposedly translates to this day means that we'll have some cataclysm that will wipe us all clean via natural disaster. Others disagree, thinking that it means we'll have a global enlightenment or that aliens will reveal themselves publicly, or something else that could potentially be positive. No matter what, everyone's got their idea about how on this day, life as we know it will cease to exist.

So what do I think is going to happen? Absolutely nothing. Now of course, I don't mean that literally. People will get up and go to work after having a cup of coffee. Some people will be rushing to get their Christmas shopping done. I'll be recording my latest episode of Smack Talk as I usually do on Friday nights. We'll see lots of news reports about how it's the end of the world, but we'll also see the typical news reports about murders, fires, and other scare tactics so that's not much of a surprise. [Side note: Seriously, how fucking depressing is the news when all they do is focus on that stuff? Ridiculous.]

December 22 2012 day after the world ends
That whole January thing really puts a damper on this apocalypse, doesn't it?
How many times have people predicted the apocalypse in the past? An incalculable amount of times. And how many times have they been correct about it? Zero. You'd be surprised at how many people will believe in something if they just hear about it enough without looking into it enough to form a valid opinion about it. Then there are the people that want to believe in something, so they will, as simple as that. Usually, those are the people that willingly blind themselves to reality to believe in a hopeless cause. You see them fully expecting that their lottery ticket is the winner or that when New Year's Eve comes along, they suddenly get a reboot and things will change. Calendars don't work that way, not even the Mayan calendar. Still, some people are of the negative side of things and are equally wishing that we have some sort of a disastrous situation coming our way on 12-21-12. Why? Well, if you ask them, they'll probably give you the answer that mankind sucks and we need a fresh start, but they're not Ra's al Ghul, they're just trying too hard to seem edgy and they'd both shit and piss themselves the second they saw a meteor fall from the sky.

When all is said and done, the most significant thing about this day will end up being that nothing happened and yet another doomsday prophecy turned out to be nothing but paranoia. And hey, if I'm wrong (but I wasn't before), then I'll eat my words, cause in a post-apocalypse world food will be hard to come by, right?

Little Debbie buys Twinkies from Hostess
Except for Twinkies, unless Hostess really does go out of business



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