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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I was tagged by Karen of Drawing Room Days for this Q&A blog chain, so without further ado, here are my answers to her questions:


1Q: Did you hear about the swimmer that interrupted The Boat Race in England? Do you think it is right to conduct a protest in such a manner or is there a better way of getting your point across?
1A: I don't know too much about the situation, but in general, I don't condone that type of a protest. People will just be laughing at the guy and they'll forget about it in no time, so whatever issue you're protesting about receives nothing from that and you just receive imprisonment and/or fines, and that time and money could have been spent trying to protest in a different, more effective way.

2Q: What is the one thing you wish your teacher had taught you in school?
2A: I've always thought that school should be formatted differently wherein everybody learns the majority of things you need to learn in life out of the basics but then they can choose their electives to pursue other interests they have in more detail. I went over this a bit in my High School Revamped post, but short answer, I wish I didn't waste time on subjects I had no interest or use for in the future (like anything beyond the basics of Chemistry, absolutely everything in Trigonometry, etc) and learned more basic life lessons like little "do it yourself" machinations. I've found out dozens of use of vinegar that have been more helpful to me in life than anything I learned in Advanced Biology because it's more likely I'm going to clean up a stain than that I'll be needed to identify the digestive tract of a grasshopper.

3Q: Which 2 people would you most want to tag and why?
3A: My future self from when I'm middle aged and my future self from when I'm a senior citizen, just to see how different my answers would be - and to contact myself from the past and give myself warnings about things to change...despite the time paradox potential.

4Q: If you give money to a charity, which one and why do you do it?
4A: I don't give money to charities for three reasons. First off, I simply don't have the money to. I lend money to people all the time that have more money to me because they're bad with their money, but the key word there is that I 'lend' it to them. If I were rich, trust me, I'd be the type of person that would give someone $20 out in public just because I saw them do something nice for no reward like hold a door open for an old person. Second, I don't give to charities because I don't trust them to be worth anything, generally speaking. The amount of Blah Blah Fund organizations we have out there for the same causes is ridiculous considering how much money they have to spend for advertising and such. If there were just one for each charitable cause, there'd be less overhead. Plus, how many times do we hear about people skimming from the donations? And in the grand scheme of things, charities for a cause like Cancer or "awareness" of something don't make a difference. The only ones that do are the ones that directly buy things for people that need them and such. Thirdly, some charities are argumentative and pushy and I don't want to give them the impression that that will work. I hate it so much when I get a phone call from some place asking for a donation where they tell me "I'll just put you down for $25". No, you won't, and if you start arguing with me on it, I'm even less likely to give you anything in the future. ASK me for a donation, don't TELL me you're putting me down for a donation.

5Q: Why do you blog?
5A: A few reasons. Naturally, I want to make money, but I also want to get my opinions out and entertain and help people if I can. Out on Limbs for instance is a way to achieve all those things. I try to make my posts interesting to read (entertaining) but not just a cheap thrill. They should be insightful in some way, even if someone could disagree with my point of view (which I always encourage friendly debate about). I can use these sites to market myself as well as get my frustrations out when it comes to whatever topic I'm referring to.

6Q: Do you think it is important for the youth to go to University after school or is it better to get experience through trade colleges and apprenticeships?
6A: It depends on the person and their future job. If you're someone that doesn't know what they want to do with their lives, college is the best option for you. The same for if you know for sure what you want to do and you're working towards a degree in that field. However, if you're someone that works a menial job and you're content with it, don't waste your time. This may sound rude, but it's the truth, and that's what Out on Limbs is about - but if you're someone that does nothing but work at Walmart and you have no true passion for something else but you just want to go to a college and take classes for a business degree or what have you, stop lying to yourself and save your money. You won't be opening up a business - you'd be better utilizing your time if you worked towards becoming a manager at the place you currently work and then maybe a district manager if that all works out. It's an unpopular belief but I don't think college is there for us to just fuck each other like bunnies and experiment with drugs and alcohol. College is about schooling, not partying. The partying is the immature rebellious side of you getting out because you have more freedom now than before and you can't handle it - and you eventually realize that later on in life when you're more mature about things. I'll never say people shouldn't get more schooling, so if people DO want to go to college and take classes and learn more, I'm all for it for everybody, but realistically, some people are just better served honing their craft outside of a normal college. A highly skilled carpenter will make a good living being a highly skilled carpenter - he doesn't need to get a useless Communications degree. I'll be hiring you based on your work, not your potential for other work. I'll take a professional chef that trained at a culinary institute over a burger flipper that has a highly advanced legal degree from Harvard...when it comes to cooking my food.

7Q: What is your most vivid memory from when you were a child (say under 12)?
7A: So many. One of them is a distinct recollection that when I was around 10 years old, I opted out of a game of Wall Ball (goes by many names, we also called it Suicide - it's when you throw a tennis ball at a wall, if you lose, you stand up to it and other people throw the tennis ball at you) because that day I just felt like it would be a bad idea, despite how I never got hurt badly in any previous games (just "ouch, that hurt" from being pegged if I dropped it - rules are rules). I was off to the side, talking to a few people, and lo and behold a wayward ball from someone's throw bounces off the wall and directly blasts me right in the eye, giving me my first black eye and catching me totally off guard, hurting like a son of a bitch. Universe just wanted me to get hit that day and opting out of the game wasn't a good enough way around it, haha.

8Q: What is your number one item on your bucket list?
8A: I don't have a top of the bucket list. I just have way too many things in my head that I'd put on it that I'd never be able to organize it. I'm positive I'll die with a thousand things still on it, not just because of an inability to do some of them, but because I'm never satisfied with accomplishing something. I always want to have accomplished more of it and quicker so I could move on to the next thing. I recently just updated the layout of this website and immediately after looking at it and saying "I really like what I just did", I started making a mental note of what else to change soon.

9Q: When writing, do you find you have a particular word (or a few words) that you tend to overuse? If so, which ones?
9A: A few words and phrases I use quite often are "random/randomly", "thus", "therefore", "however", "henceforth", "etc", "so on and so forth", and breaking things down into a list of 3-5 things (like 4A up above).

10Q: Do you have an alter ego?
10A: I don't, but Tony does. He's just not here right now ;)

11Q: How do you really feel when people offer you their constructive criticism?
11A: Constructive criticism is more than welcome, but people need to know the difference between true constructive criticism and just pointing out flaws or putting someone/something down. I'm always up for people trying to help me out in any way if they have the credibility to help, but I can't stand it when someone just says I need to stop doing something that they disagree with. Why?

Tell me your responses to those in the comments. Now it's time for me to tag some others I know and give them some questions to answer in response. You guys can comment on here with your answers to these questions as well. All questions are open to all readers.

TAG - YOU'RE IT: Michael Burhan | Liz | Verbal Fireworks | Doodie Pants | My Life, Yours Too


1. What is something you have trouble admitting to yourself?
2. Who is someone other than a celebrity or family member that you respect highly, and why?
3. You're on national TV and the world is watching. You can do or say anything. What happens?
4. Name a celebrity you think you could legitimately be with in a relationship as opposed to someone you just find attractive.
5. What is your biggest pet peeve and why do you think it bothers you so much?
6. You're given a choice of one super power to have - what do you pick?
7. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
8. What political party/parties do you tend to support and why do you agree with their opinions?
9. What do you want to accomplish but haven't been able to, and why?
10. What are you ashamed about that makes you happy?

Have fun everyone, and remember, if you want me to do more Q&A segments, just send in your questions via the contact form.



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