You Died from Drugs, Not Demons

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

With the recent death of Amy Winehouse people are constantly repeating a phrase that irks me: that someone who died from drug abuse was "haunted by demons".

I'm so sick of people trying to lessen the blow of people that overdose or otherwise die from drug abuse. You knew exactly what you were getting into as you were told time and time again for years about how drugs are bad, yet you made the choice to do them anyway. No, you can't blame a hard life leading you to drugs as that doesn't fix anything and that means that you were just too weak and stupid and decided to make your life worse.  You had all the information you needed to make the choice and yet you decided to take the risk and now you're dead. The only reason you're dead is because you fucked up and did something that you knew was wrong and you died because of it, just the same as if I were to jump out of an airplane without a parachute and die on impact.

But for some reason, this politically correct overly sensitive world we live in gets so butt-hurt when it comes to issues like this and everyone starts trying to twist things to sound better. One of these ridiculous things people have decided to do is say that someone who died from drugs didn't "die like they knew they were taking the risk of doing", no, they "lost their battle with their demons". Excuse me? Succumbed to fucking DEMONS?

Look, I know you're trying to be metaphorical and try to make it out like it's something that it isn't just so you feel better about yourselves but that's not the way to go about things. People go to drugs because of problems, yes, but give me a fucking break. You people make this out to be like these drug addicts were possessed and mind-controlled into doing drugs without their choice and they simply lost some valiant battle that they struggled with, as if they're some fucking superhero that died trying to save a burning building filled with children and puppies. These people are messed up for whatever reason and decided that instead of seeking help, they'd just turn to an option that they knew 100% was not healthy and could potentially lead to death. Then they weren't lucky enough to scoot by and be overlooked by the statistics and they died - because of the deadly shit they were putting in their bodies. THAT'S IT. You might say that they were "out of control" because they didn't have the mental fortitude to NOT fall into drugs, but you're just enabling the other people out there. Unless you live under a rock, you know drugs are bad and not to get into them in the first place and even if you're stupid enough to go "meh, it won't hurt me", you know that there are rehab facilities and other methods of treatment that you shouldn't be ignoring. After that, you're on your own buddy.

So you want to argue that if someone doesn't have the right state of mind to have the willpower and intelligence to stay away from drugs or accept treatment, that they're falling victim to some "demons" that control them? Then think of it the following way: If someone's told for 15 years that you could potentially be killed if you shoot yourself in the head or at the very least, nothing positive can come from it, and then that person goes ahead and does it and they die, are you going to say that that person just "fell victim to some demons that controlled their mind and prevented them from knowing better" or are you going to say "Jesus Christ, that person was a fucking idiot that knew the risk and they got exactly what they should have known was coming"?

Drugs are bad. You know this. Everyone knows this. Everyone has known this since they were in elementary school. Yet if you still decide to ignore all that information and go ahead and do it, then it doesn't matter what your excuse is, you got what you deserved. This is exactly the same as the person who has no right to complain about gaining weight when they eat nothing but unhealthy fatty foods and don't exercise. This is exactly the same as the person who is allergic to cats and decides to own a cat and now bitches and complains about their allergies bothering them. Mental disorders are tough to kick, I understand that, but there's a difference between trying to diagnose whether or not you need help for depression or schizophrenia and whether or not you need help with drugs - the drugs are something you can flat out see and you know for a fact you're doing, and if you're using ANY drugs, you've got some sort of issues you need help with. If you choose to get into that mess in the first place and then you choose to ignore any kind of help, then you no longer have a chemical imbalance in your brain to blame it all on. Take responsibility, because it is YOUR fault, and you've gone from a person with emotional problems to just someone who is being foolish and careless.

They tried to make her go to rehab but she said no, no no...and now she's dead, because that's what fucking happens.

If you or someone you know is in need of help, there are numerous drug detox program options available to you that can put you on the right track. And in case you're wondering, none of them require an exorcism.



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