Katy Perry: Sexsame Street

Friday, September 24, 2010

You know you were thinking it too.
Apparently Katy Perry filmed a guest spot on a recent episode of Sesame Street and before it was able to air, a bunch of people pitched a fit.

The reason for this is because it was deemed too sexual as she was showing cleavage and (as others so awkwardly reported), said tits were "bouncing". [Side Note: The good ones do. We should commend her, not chastise :)] Word to the wise: Katy Perry is known for being hot, having ample breasts, and being kind of weird along with having sexually risque song lyrics. Her first brush with stardom came literally with a song entitled "I Kissed a Girl", which naturally pissed off some particularly prude people when it hit the charts. So first off, you have to kind of assume the people that booked Katy Perry to be on Sesame Street in the first place didn't take this into account. I don't know about you, but if I were trying to think of a replacement voice actor for Dora the Explorer, I wouldn't necessarily go with Courtney Love.

Still, the purpose of Katy Perry's visit was supposed to be a fun little thing with a popular singer who has a very playful demeanor. The girl's previously worn a MUPPET dress...and in PUBLIC for Christ's sake.

Take THAT Miss Piggy
Of course, you can't blame PBS for pulling the clip, if you think about it logically. If PBS were to air it as scheduled, after a bunch of uppity people that had nothing better to do than to scan the media for anything they can blow out of proportion and claim to be the most offensive thing in history bitched as much as they did, then PBS would no doubt be fucked over with a lot more hate mail and bad publicity. But really...it isn't as if Katy Perry was teaching Elmo Kama Sutra positions or the importance of the Morning After pill (today's episode is brought to you by the letters STD!). She was simply playing dress-up with Elmo and singing a song. And no, she wasn't dressed up as a hooker or anything, she's dressed up as a makeshift princess kind of thing in a dress and wedding veil.

So what does this all boil down to? Two things:

1) The people in charge of Sesame Street should have realized that maybe, just maybe, a hot chick with quite a nice rack running around singing a song about playing together MIGHT just go over the wrong way.

2) The majority of the people that bitched and complained were most likely the type of person that needed to fulfill their FCC meddling goal of the week and had nothing else to shoot bullets at. If a politician had admitted to watching porn at one point in their life, they'd be going apeshit all over that story instead, and if this didn't happen, they'd probably take someone saying "that sucks" and blow it out of proportion into a heinous criminal act of crude language.

Apparently, Elmo has extended an invitation for Katy Perry to return at a later time. Watch out for Katy Perry to be wearing 4 layers of clothing and a trash can over it all just to be sure.



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