4chan /b/ Bullies Girl

Monday, April 19, 2010

Alright, so apparently last night or so, the folks over at 4chan.org ran into a situation where some girl posted nude pictures of herself, they proceeded to say some negative things, and she got all upset and cried. Now, I don't know the full story, but that seems to be it. And people are going nuts over it.

Why? What's up with this "they've gone too far" nonsense? I'm certainly not the guy to talk to if you want some expert opinion on 4chan, as I don't like the layout of the site and the content is extremely hit or miss (mostly miss), but from my experience, this is just how it goes there. It's all about posting weird stuff, making fun of practically everything, and kind of embracing chaos. You spend 2 minutes on the site and you know what you're getting into. It's completely voluntary to even go on the site, let alone decide to post something, and if you DO decide to post something, you should know ahead of time (judging by damn near every other post) that you're not going to be indulging in the type of conversation that would be featured on some kid's show.

Then there's the issue of why she was posting nudes in the first place. Again, completely voluntary, and something that she should've known would receive criticism. Even supermodels get a shitstorm for their appearance. I don't know what they said to the girl, but come on, even if they called her fat and ugly and pinpointed what they didn't like about her, she welcomed it. Sure, she most likely was of the mind that if she posted naked pictures of herself, she'd receive nothing but praise and it would boost her confidence (and most likely be a temporary fix for some sort of massive need for attention) but that's being delusional if you think you're not going to run into some detractors. I know full well there are people reading this right now that disagree with me (btw, those people are wrong haha) and by putting my opinion out in a public forum, I'm opening the gates to negative reactions. She did the same.

A lot of people seem to be bringing up the issue that it was unnecessary for them to do this. Was it? Sure. In a perfect world, everyone is happy and supportive 24/7 and nobody is mean. But you know what, we don't live in that perfect world, and I highly doubt the hardcore "this is appalling" folk are completely pure when it comes to this in their own right. Guaranteed they've laughed at someone or made fun of someone in their life, even if it means they were more anonymous than it is over the internet because they decided to do it amongst a few friends or just thinking it to themselves. Would I personally sit there and make fun of the girl, knowing she's reading it and upset? Not unless she was being a complete bitch, which I can't speak for as I wasn't there to know what she and others were saying. But still, despite how it's ethically "wrong" for them to be doing that, and it isn't exactly something you should condone, it's just the internet with a bunch of anonymous people. Get over it, or better yet, don't subject yourself to it in the first place, as they can't fire a gun if you give them no ammo.

Bottom line: a girl went on a brutal site known for doing this, voluntarily posted naked pictures of herself, received a backlash that upset her, and some people are trying to defend her, despite how this would be a completely different story if everyone had told her she had awesome tits.

UPDATE: Apparently they were able to find out lots of information about her through Facebook and continued it there as well. Anyone that says THAT is going too far, I agree. You get to a certain point and it just becomes overkill. But again...this wouldn't have came about if she never posted nude pictures of herself on a website known for doing this (and they've done this Facebook info stuff before as well, so that's nothing new) in the first place, so while I would argue that they shouldn't have tried to infiltrate every part of her life, I can't argue that she was the equivalent to an innocent bystander being hit with a wayward drive-by bullet. She did set herself up for a whole bunch of crap. She just didn't realize how much of it would actually hit the fan.



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