Donations to Haiti - Bullshit

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ok so for those living under a rock, Haiti was hit with an earthquake, lots of tragedy, etcetera etcetera, you've heard the story before a hundred times. Fill in the blanks of location, # injured/dead, and otherwise it's the same thing. We're not here to discuss natural disasters, we're here today to discuss politics, economics, and hypocrisy. We're here to discuss why it's unreasonable to donate to these victims.

Chances are, you read that last sentence and thought that I'm an asshole, right? Well, listen up, because you're about to be hit with a whole lot of logic. Will you actually admit that I have a point? Probably not. But if you don't, then you're a lost cause and I hope someone hits you in the head with a mallet so you don't fuck this world up anymore than it already is.

Americans are in an economic crisis right now. We are essentially in a new Depression. Thus, we have lots of monetary concerns. So right there, when your entire country is in shambles when it comes to money, the last thing you should be doing is donating. You can get back a loan, but you don't get back a donation. All these rich people in the country that were donating thousands or millions of dollars...where was their checkbook when they pass by the homeless people in their cities? You need to put yourself above the needs of others when you're in a mess and the same applies to the entity known as the United States. America should always look at itself as being it's #1 importance, as should every other country for itself. China, under no circumstances, should look at the world and say any other nation comes before itself in terms of preservation or necessity. Nor should France. Nor should Afghanistan. So on and so forth. If America had millions of dollars of surplus, it would be a different story. But now that Haiti gets fucked up, we suddenly are losing money, and for what? You're probably thinking right now that helping Haiti out improves our image to the're wrong.

What's the overall outlook the world has for Americans? They think we're slovenly, we're uncultured, we're rude, and we're selfish. No one from other countries ever seems to look at the USA and thinks "they're helpful, nice people who want to make the world a better place". We've done thousands of charity missions since our inception to try to help out dozens upon dozens of countries in different ways, yet no matter what, we're always looked at in negative eyes. Helping out Haiti isn't going to change that at all. The Haitians that were being helped did chant "USA! USA!" which is great, but that's them. You don't see Russians or Germans in the streets chanting our country's name in praise (nor should you if they themselves have helped as well). A few months from now, this will all be in the past and nobody will give a shit anymore. There will be no decrease in anti-American thought whatsoever...just a decrease in American finance.

Then there's the issue of "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours". Have you ever found yourself in a relationship that is all one sided in the give and take, where one person always gives, the other always takes, and there's no middle ground whatsoever? America always gives and gives, yet we never take. We loan money to other nations that we'll never be paid back. We give aid to other countries and receive none in return. An earthquake occurs in Haiti and several days later, there's a charity fund on roughly every TV station in America asking for donations. Where was the massive charity fest held outside of the United States for the victims of Hurricane Katrina or Hurricane Ike? What about the September 11th terrorist attacks? I don't know about you, but I didn't hear of the United Nations passing a big collection plate and filling it to the brim. I certainly didn't hear about Haiti tossing their change in a tip jar for the US.

So here's the recap: we're giving a portion of what little money we have during an economic crunch away to a country that doesn't help us in any way to look better to a world that equally doesn't help us nor will even say thank you after we do this as they will just continue considering us the opposite of charitable.

Does it suck what happened? Yes. Is it a tragedy? Yes. If you gave me the power to choose whether or not something like that would happen to a country, would I choose to not have it happen? Of course. But the argument here isn't that helping the PEOPLE of Haiti that were affected is a bad thing, as it's very humane and very nice of those that help. The issue is that we need to weigh our options. If we're able to spend our time, resources, and our money on helping out someone else and receive nothing in return, then we're obviously not in as much of a bind as we thought we were, and if we're not, then something is seriously wrong here. If you're struggling to pay to put food on your table, the last thing you do is give your wallet to someone else, especially if there's no other people in the world willing to lend you a dollar when you're starving.



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