New Year's Resolutions are Wastes of Time

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The idea of a New Year's resolution is a good one at its core, but it just simply doesn't seem to work. It appears as if every time someone makes a resolution that has to begin at a certain time, they don't follow through with it. Sure, at first, they're all gung-ho about it and really putting in the effort, but that soon fades in about two weeks. This is particularly the case when it comes to weight loss resolutions. Most of the time, if you aren't willing to start your diet right now, you're not going to be willing to start it at a future date, and the only reason you're telling yourself to start doing it on January 1st is because that's procrastination. You'll be dreading it when it comes up, which builds up the anxiety and makes the situation worse, and soon enough you'll abandon the concept.

There are exceptions, of course. Some people have the willpower to set a specific start time and when it comes, immediately kick into gear and stick with it until the bitter end. The problem is that those cases are few and far between and most people are kidding themselves if they think they're any different - especially if they've done this before. If you weren't willing to quit smoking, for instance, a few months ago, then what makes you think that the first of the new year is going to be any different? There are no magical frequencies spreading throughout the universe that legitimately makes 2010 different than 2009 right on the dot. It's all psychological, trying to convince yourself that with a new year comes the ability to disregard the previous year, move past your mistakes, and hope for some upgrades. Chances are, you'll be saying the same thing at the end of 2010, though, so before you make any New Year's resolutions, truly think about this: if TODAY was Jan 1, would you start immediately? If no, then don't even bother, because you won't. If yes, why aren't you getting a head's up and doing it already?

Nonetheless, for those that are going to attempt to better themselves, I obviously wish you good luck. And for all, a happy 2010.



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