A Guy's Perspective: Phone Calls

Sunday, August 30, 2009

One thing guys aren't known for is wanting to talk on the phone as much and as long as women tend to. That's because to a guy, essentially a phone call consists of 4 parts:

1) The Greeting
--Necessary to demonstrate that yes, the connection did go through and they did mean to call you.

2) The Purpose
--Why did you call? Better say it fast or I'll hang up.

3) The Confirmation
--Did you understand why they called? Are you in agreement?

4) The Closing
--Necessary to demonstrate that yes, the conversation is over.

Example of a typical phone call for a guy: "Yo, I'm outside. K. Cya." The end. No need for anything more than that.



This site is dead and has been for a long while, for multiple reasons—not the least of which is that it's of a different era (roughly 2007). You can no longer safely play around with discussing gray areas with a humorous twist. People don't read between the lines. If they want to be offended, they'll twist what you said to mean whatever they want, and you're guilty no matter what. Or, on the flip-side, instead of being too sensitive, they'll think you're somehow defending their awfully bigoted or shameful viewpoints, even if you aren't. Both extreme sides of everything are so black/white dumb that it's an impossible minefield to navigate. If anything on here doesn't age well, sorry; times have changed, and so do people, for better or worse. Get over it. (It being "everything") There is always more important shit out there going on. Out on limbs.



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