Medical Ads on TV

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

If you really think about it, why do they bother advertising medical things on television? In my opinion, the only reason to show commercials to the public is to scare them into thinking they have an ailment so that they go to their doctor or hospital and have to pay for them to tell them everything is alright.

Think hard. When was the last time you saw a commercial for a prescription medicine and decided "hm, I think I'll try that, maybe I should talk to my doctor"? If you have something wrong with you, you'll go to the doctor on your own, and then he or she will tell you not only what is wrong, but how to treat it. You never have to go to a doctor with pamphlets about possible treatment options for them to pick from. If you have the type of physician that asks YOU what to do to help with your depression or headaches, get a fucking new doctor lol. If its an over the counter medicine, that's understandable to advertise. It makes sense to have a commercial for Pepto-Bismol seeing as how anybody can try it on a whim. But prescription medicine? You can't get it without going to your doctor anyway, and your doctor sure as hell will know alternative drugs that they can tell you about. You can't even expect brand loyalty, as no idiot is going to tell their doctor "I would go with your suggestion, but I don't recognize that drug, and I've seen _____ on TV with a fake doctor and fake patients talking to me about it, so I'd rather trust them". If you're the type of moron that does that, you deserve to die from whatever illness you have.

Then there are all these ads for tampons acting as if its not something that EVERY woman goes through. Do they really need to advertise about that stuff? Not only is it disgusting to talk about someone's period, but its something that seemingly doesn't change when it comes to the choices. Maybe I have an obscured point of view about it since I'm a guy, but it seems like virtually all tampon related products are the same and the differences are minuscule and well known, so if that's true, you don't need to be interrupting my show with talk about "freshness" and images of women walking through an open field smiling.

Thirdly, can we stop it with the fake patients? Does anybody actually fall for that shit? "I was feeling sick....(next card) I took twice daily Blah Blah. I have to repeat the dosage when I'm talking to my friends because its in my contract, along with reminding my fictional buddy that they should consult their doctor. Then I have to list the side-effects, despite how I'm in the middle of what's supposed to be an actual human conversation." Why can't they just have an ad where someone comes onto the screen and tells you that if you're feeling a bit dizzy and you have a headache, you should take Ibuprofen, because it helps get rid of it, and potential side-effects are drowsiness and abdominal pain. Why do they have to cast these actors to be playing football and grinning from ear to ear, or having incredibly forced speeches with their supposed family members? Nobody should be stupid enough to look at a commercial and say "you know, I would consider it, but they didn't have a fake family on the screen, so I don't know if that's really convincing". If you think that way, you should partner up with the idiot from the previous paragraph and go right off a cliff Thelma & Louise style.



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