High School Courses Revamped

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

In my mind, high school should exist as a means to introduce older, more mature students to a wide variety of concepts and allow them to pick which things interest them the most in order to prepare themselves for consideration in a particular field. Typically, high schools claim to do so, but instead, force mandatory requirements on people that have no bearing on whether or not it will mean a single solitary thing to their life. By the time you're 17 and a senior, you should know whether or not you have the slightest bit of interest in specific fields like mathematics or science. Thusly, I decided to plot out what I feel would be the most advantageous set of requirements for your average high school student so that they not only get a well-rounded education, but the tools they learn are useful. This will eliminate having to take advanced mathematics courses when you want a job that does not pertain to advanced mathematics, but will allow you to be more comfortable with basic mathematics that you WILL use in your normal life.

Elective Subjects: Music, Art, Theatre, English, Math, History, Science, Business, Woodshop, Drawing & Design, Computers, Kinesiology, Foreign Languages

1. Philosophy I
2. Health
3. English I (Grammar/Vocab)
4. Exploration of the Arts
5. Math Concepts
6. Science Concepts
7. History I (Western Civilization Origins)
8. Study Hall
9. Lunch

1. English II (Grammar/Vocab)
2. Math Application
3. Science Application
4. History II (Post-Western Civilization Origins)
5. Oral Communications
6. Psychology I
7. Technology
8. Study Hall
9. Lunch

1. English III (Appreciation/Theory)
2. History III (Modern Times)
3. Psychology II
4. Life Standards (Street Smarts, managing a checkbook, basic cooking, etc)
5. Elective
6. Elective
7. Elective
8. Study Hall
9. Lunch

1. Philosophy II
2. English IV (Appreciation/Theory/Application)
3. Elective
4. Elective
5. Elective
6. Elective
7. Elective
8. Study Hall
9. Lunch



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