Email has been around for a very long time now and yet we still haven't been able to get rid of spam. Pretty much the only way to make sure you don't get spam is to not have an email address, which in this day and age, is pretty much impossible. In fact, even if you don't have an email address, you still get junk mail from the postal service (which by the way, if you're interested in how pointless that is sometimes, click here). Thus, we're stuck with having to just delete our spam and hope it doesn't come back (knowing full well that it will).

Personally, I have too many email addresses to keep track of, since I have so many accounts on so many websites. However, I have three primary email addresses that I use: two for official things (such as the contact form above) and one that I use to sign up for any and all websites that look shady in the slightest bit. You never know what site is going to immediately sell your information out and overload your inbox with crap. Naturally, the latter of the three email addresses is just riddled with 50+ spam emails a day. Thankfully, the former two might get 10 a month between them. But no matter what the websites are that I've signed up for, no matter what protection (no pun intended) I use, it seems like there's one predominant subject in my spam emails: penis enlargement.

Sure, the second most likely spam I get is from some New Zealand millionaire trying to cut me in on his money or some FBI cash-in that I should take advantage of (cause you know the government, giving you money via email instead of taking it from you via...well, every possible way), but 75% of the time, it's a message informing me that I can make my penis bigger if I buy some Viagara or something.

This begs the question: why, out of all things, is penis-related emails the thing that people send out so often? Why not other topics? Is there some kind of connection between the concept of "electronic mail" and "small dick" that I don't understand?

And really, what's the success rate? The only people that would bother clicking for more information are the ones that fall into a cross section between "people that suffer from this condition" and "people that are too stupid to realize that it's a spam email". Is this such a huge number that it warrants the popularity of the spam?

Penis Enlargement Pill Email Spam

Whatever happened to "target audience"? A porn website having ads for Viagara makes sense to me but I wouldn't expect to get this type of email from other sites. Thank you for signing up to Home and Garden. You know what else needs to grow? Your penis.

You would think that with spam email, the goals are to trick people into buying something, get their information and steal from them in some way, or putting their information into your system so you can send them even more spam for your advertisers (who would in turn hope that the people would see the ad and buy something from them). If that's the case, why is it not the "free iPad" and "free iPhone" and such type of ads that are more likely to pop up? Why target people with erectile dysfunction - especially when 1/3 of all infomercials are about this as well (the other two being dietary supplements or exercise equipment and kitchen utensils or gadgets).

Spam is annoying enough as it is, but this particular type of spam just boggles my mind.

Do you have any funny or frustrating spam email stories? Let us know in the comments.



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