By far one of the worst things in the history of the internet is the Captcha prompt. If you're unaware of what that is, it's the annoying picture of jumbled up letters that you're supposed to type out to prove that you're a human being and not some kind of a spam bot. You might recognize it as being that thing that continually tells you that you need to redo it, preventing you from submitting some kind of an email or signing up for a website or something.

In theory, the Captcha is great - and when it works well, it's awesome. Being able to prevent spam is something I'm sure we're all a big supporter of. Some of the Captcha software out there is actually not frustrating whatsoever. The problem comes in with the others. They attempt to hide the letters so well that it becomes a burden for even the real humans to read it! How are you expected to be able to read garbled up nonsense like this?

Annoying Captcha Doesn't Work
Go ahead, try to figure this reCaptcha prompt out

Ok, granted, I made that one up on Photoshop. But still, would you have known the difference if I didn't point it out to you? These eight following Captcha images, on the other hand, I didn't manipulate. They're just as I got them:

How to get reCaptcha to work
Braille would be easier to read at this point.

Is that pactsie? What's the definition of xemestt? Did you seriously need to darken the background of the word "has", one of the only real words? Am I supposed to type the "-[" part of "red"? What about the comma after 532 squared? Why are there so many math problems in this, like pi and 006? And are you kidding me with the literally cut in half word on the second one on the left column???

They offer you the option to play a recording of it to help you out, but that shit is even more confusing than the letters! It sounds like two Transformers having sex with Stephen Hawking...which I'm sure would create a real badass offspring but that's beside the point. They claim this is for the visually impaired. That's just mean, as they'll listen to that and assume they're going deaf as well.

It's a shame we don't have a better system in place to stop spam, or that this would stop spam entirely so we could at least consider it a necessary evil. Until it yields better results, or until it stops being a vomited black text mess with askew letters that I have to cycle through 30 times to be able to read, Captcha is going to be one of those things I wish would just become a relic of the past.




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