Apparently, Ryan Dunn, star of the TV and film series Jackass has been killed in a car crash along with his passenger.

My first comment is that that sucks, as I'm a fan of the show and I never had a reason to dislike Ryan Dunn personally (especially since I've never met the guy). Any time someone dies, on top of if they've done work that you enjoy, it's always a bummer.

Then, of course, comes the other part. Knowing the show, you've got to assume it wasn't some random chance thing. These guys are stuntmen and risk takers that have cheated death dozens upon dozens of times and owe more than a little to pure blind luck. It wouldn't be shocking at all to me to hear that Dunn was speeding and trying to play daredevil when it happened. This next piece of information didn't shock me at all, either: 

Sources say that he was heavily drinking before the accident and tweeted this picture, leading to the assumption that this is all the byproduct of drunk driving.

In such a situation, all my pity is drained from Dunn himself. For the passenger and for Dunn's family and friends, my condolences go out to them, of course, as losing someone is difficult. However, for Ryan Dunn, if he was indeed killed as a result of his own drunk driving, the pity train stops before picking him up. Anybody who has read my previous entries knows that I'm against drugs and alcohol and if you have any negative consequences that come out of it, you knew what you were getting yourself into when you signed up, as they're not only easily avoidable and COMPLETELY a choice but they're a choice that you're told has no positive outcome since you're a child, so you can't even use the excuse nowadays that they had back decades ago where they can say that they didn't know how harmful the substances were. A drug addict overdoses - they shouldn't have taken the first hit of the drug in the first place. An alcoholic dies from alcohol poisoning - they didn't need to drink to begin with. Ryan Dunn, if he in fact did die as a result of drunk driving, knew exactly what he was getting into both when he was drinking and when he decided to drive afterward. It's just a shame that he had to make that mistake, particularly when it comes to what happened to the passenger.

Now, if this is not true, and Dunn was killed in some other fashion and was not inebriated in some way, then by proxy I don't blame him. Hell, there's even people claiming that this is all yet another Jackass stunt - though to be fair, I don't really buy into that and I'll believe it when I see it. I'd love for that to be the real story here in that they'd pull off something like that and the joke would be on us, not only because it would mean that two people didn't die from a car accident but also that they pushed the boundaries of celebrity news reporting, but I wouldn't hold out hope for that to be true.

Anything new I hear about this that is noteworthy I'll update this post with.

Remember, if you or anyone you know is in need of help for drug/alcohol/whatever addiction, there are resources you can go to and check out that get things sorted out for you. The staff of a drug and alcohol treatment center can try its best to help people who seem bent on following a self-destructive path. Listen to the warnings before Jackass - don't try this stuff on your own...or, well, you see what happens.



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